By Adin Kachisi​
 The experience of alter vu, which involves having conflicting memories about past events, may or may not be linked to a phenomenon labeled the Mandela Effect by author Fiona Broome where something you knew to be one way turned out to be another. This is not a simple case of being factually wrong, but of having actual memories that contradict current reality. The name of the experience comes from the specific case of some people remembering the death of Nelson Mandela in the 1980s. This phenomenon includes cases of deaths that did not happen and book and movie titles that changed.

Subjects like the Mandela Effect and seemingly silly or trivial issues of movie titles like The Berenstain Bears or Interview with the Vampire being increasingly discussed on social media in the context of parallel worlds is interesting. This might be showing us that subjects connected to the very nature of reality are no longer monopolized by scientists and science fiction writers, but issues that regular people can speculate on freely. 
“The only thing that is fundamental (real) is consciousness itself.”
 One of the discussions is that the titles of these movies are spelled out differently in this current reality from what some people remember. In a sense, this is about an inconsistency between people’s memories and what is on record today.

Some people recall a series of children’s books called the Berenstein Bears, not spelled Berenstain Bears. However, if you check the books today and their records they are all spelled as Berenstain Bears, not Berenstein Bears. The same applies to the TV show Sex and the City being remembered as Sex in the City, and the movie Interview with a Vampire instead of Interview with the Vampire. One suspicion that goes with this spelling drama is that someone went back in time between the years 1986 and 2011 and accidentally or deliberately altered the timeline of human history, resulting in some small differences. It becomes a speculation of a speculation when someone actually suggests that time traveler altered our timeline when he traveled back in time. Others speculate that the differing timelines are a result of the use of D-Wave Quantum computers or experiments with the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN. The third group believes that these experiences are a result of a shift in human consciousness and earth vibrations, or ascension to a higher dimension.

Curious journalist Mack Lamoureux took the issue further, contacting Dr. Henry L. Roediger, an expert on false memories, and the doctor simply said, “I’m not sure that misremembering one letter in a long name is a major league false memory. My guess is that in this case that ‘stein’ is remembered because it is a common ending of many names—Einstein, Frankenstein, Goldstein, etc.” (Lamoureux, 2015).

It is strange for a large number of people to have specific memories of Mandela having died in prison before dying again on December 5, 2013. It is plausible that this could in fact be a legitimate case of an alternative reality where this actually happened. We should not only question people’s memories, but we should also question the nature and consistency of our reality. Are these brain glitches or reality glitches? Some are likely to dismiss these examples as wild imagination, however, how would you know if you actually switched into an alternative reality or timeline with slightly different histories? How many people would notice if only a few elements or details were altered, but with a totally different future trajectory? Let us remember that parallel worlds and alternative realities are not just a fancy idea , but a scientific reality.

Skeptics argue that authenticatable documents, eyewitnesses, and physical evidence should be found proving that reality has been altered. For instance, we should find a newspaper article from the 1980s reporting Mandela’s death. However, if history is altered, documents associated with the changed events will also be altered. For this reason, experiencers of these changes usually have only their memories as evidence of the changes except in cases where residual peripheral documents or images have been found supporting these memories.

I personally remember Billy Graham having died a few years ago, but as of now in early 2017 he is still alive. The interesting thing is that several other people also remember the dead and funeral of Billy Graham. One guy recounts comforting his mother who burst into tears watching the funeral on TV. Some people remember Osama bin Laden having died several years before May 2, 2011, and in other circles this memory is explained away as part of recent U.S. Government conspiracies to boost their image by taking credit for his death.

Figure 4a. Forrest Gump bench plaque, Source: A. Kachisi

Another example of the Mandela Effect is a scene from the 1994 movie Forrest Gump. It involves the most famous quote of the movie where Forrest is sitting on a bench and says, “Life is like a box of Chocolates.” However, if you check the movie today in this reality it says, “Life was like a box of Chocolates.” The movie Forrest Gump was produced by Paramount Pictures, a subsidiary of Viacom. Apparently, this specific Forrest Gump Mandela Effect story came to my attention when I was working in a Viacom building in New York City. Someone had previously told me that Viacom had the original or copy of the bench that Forrest Gump sat on in that movie scene placed near office elevators in the building and I had seen it several times. It did not take much for me to go to the third floor to check out the famous bench. What I found interesting was not the bench but a plaque on it with the quotation “Life is like a box of Chocolates.” Having seen that quote supporting many people’s memories and contradicting the current movie, I am left with only two choices. It’s either the movie producers got the quote wrong or the movie was edited. How is it possible to edit the movie in its old version without traveling back in time? Or could these differences really be emerging from a separate timeline of existence with small differences?

There are claims of geography and even the human body having been altered in the Mandela Effect phenomena. For example, the human heart previously on the left side of the body is now almost in the center. I am not the only one who remembers the Staten Island Ferry being the only means to get to Staten Island from New York City, but in this reality, there is another route through the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge. When someone pointed out that South America had moved eastwards, I looked at the map and was surprised with the new position because I also remember it being almost directly below North America. As for secondary residual evidence of the alternative or original position of South America, a couple of old movie clips have been identified showing a map of South America almost directly below North America. In recently came across an old photo of me in front of a mural painting I did in 1999 at one college. The painting shows an extended hand reaching out to a dove, and in the background, there is a world globe. The globe shows the map of North and South America. Even though the map was not drawn very well, it still shows the position of South America being almost directly below North America rather than further east.

I personally had very strange experiences in 2011 leading me to suspect that the Mandela Effect may be a result of several timelines of existence collapsing and merging as the earth travels through the galaxy. The catalyst for these timeline changes appears connected to our sun. We must appreciate that the role of the sun in shaping and traveling our dimensions and timelines has been grossly underestimated. As we will discover in chapters ahead, the sun is a portal and gateway to other locations in the Universe. Solar activity could be connected to conditions enabling interdimensional travel and timeline shifts.

Author and researcher Starfire Tor has been studying these occurrences for a long time calling it the Time Shift Effect. She linked solar activity like solar flares, coronal mass ejections, high-speed solar wind, and solar energetic particles impacting Earth’s magnetosphere to time shifts (Starfire Tor, 2012). The idea is that solar winds and solar flares from sunspots trigger time shifts and timeline edits when they hit Earth’s magnetosphere. The time shifts in turn trigger earthquakes and weather disasters.

These connections imply that we may be able to make correlations between solar activity, natural disasters, and time shifts. Picking the year 2011 when I believe time shifted because of the strange experiences I had, we can easily check if my strange experiences could be linked to time shifts by cross-examining solar activity and weather or natural disasters in that year. In what was called “the Year of the Restless Sun,” 2011 saw the eruption of the sun with strong flares (Redd, 2011). These eruptions included CMEs and solar flares with an X-class on September 6, a medium-sized flare on June 7, and solar winds and flares from September 7 to September 11.

As for disasters, the year 2011 also saw a record-breaking swarm of 362 tornadoes from April 25-28, in Southern, Midwestern, and Northeastern United States (Erdman, 2016). There were several other disasters across the planet including droughts in East Africa, but our attention was grabbed by the 8.9 magnitude earthquake of March 11 in Japan. As if the quake alone was not enough it was followed by a tsunami and both left over 15,000 people dead. The tsunami damage, in turn, culminated in a major nuclear accident at Fukushima power plants resulting in radiation leaks. On a social and political level, 2011 saw the beginning of the Arab Spring involving mass anti-government protests and uprising in the Middle East and North Africa. On the other side of the world in New York, frustrated people took it to the streets on September 17 in protest against Wall Street practices and social-economic inequalities.
Coinciding with the periods of high solar activity, I traveled outside the U.S on a vacation in early June and September 2011. On one of these trips, I woke up one early morning suddenly, in a strange panic with my heartbeat racing as I scrambled to get up. I gasped for air with a strong sense that I was escaping the thick veil of death entangled around my neck and suffocating me. However, there was no sense of having woken up from a nightmare. The strangest thing in that moment was that my mind had gone blank. I was a tabula rasa or blank slate, with neither memory nor identity. I did not even know where I was nor what I was doing there. I just sat on the bed staring before my memory returned. I am still to find an explanation for this experience, medical or otherwise.

When I returned to New York from the two-week vacation I had an architectural anomaly experience, a good fit for the Mandela Effect category. It was lunchtime in midtown Manhattan when I took a walk a few streets up toward Bryant Park to an Indian restaurant called Curry Dream on 39th Street. As I crossed 6th Avenue, something strange caught my attention, a new bank. A Valley National Banking branch had suddenly popped up. I stood there puzzled because the building looked old. I wondered how I could have missed a bank at a location I passed through frequently. To check my sanity, I actually went inside the Bank and asked them if the Bank was new but they insisted that it had been in that location for a long time. Could I have missed the presence of a Bank on a location I frequented or is there a stranger explanation like the Bank having suddenly popped up from a different timeline? I am still convinced that it was not a case of a faulty memory or lack of attention to details but something stranger.

Around the same time or shortly after the bank incident, I noticed a brown spot on the white part of my left eye. I was surprised because I had no memory of an eye irritation or anything else that could have caused it. On one occasion my brother casually remarked that he did not remember my eye having that dark spot. Another strange thing I noticed was that my eyebrows had partially turned gray. Another physical issue that emerged at that time was a persistent lower back pain problem. Where these physical changes just symptoms of a life characterized by high stress and long hours in front of the computer or something else stranger? Was my current self at that time merging with another version of me from another timeline, probably a survivor or refugee from a world destroyed or simply compressed?

These experiences I had in 2011 could be random unrelated events with simple mundane explanations. On the other hand, we could be looking at a series of closely related experiences resulting from a very strange and probably unusual shift in dimensions, reality or timelines. I think my zero-point state experience of sudden memory and identity loss could have been the moment or point of a dimensional shift when two realities merged or when I shifted from one parallel world or timeline to another. If so, it could explain the changes I noticed in both my physical environment and physical body. Is it possible that a new I came from another dimension bringing with it some physical characteristics from that world as well as some memories of how that other world looked physically?

If I really shifted worlds or realities, the important question to deal with is why it happened. Was this a casual travel from a parallel world or did I escape some kind of disaster there? Could I have actually died in one dimension, then simply jump to another to continue life? What could have happened to our world in a parallel dimension around the year 2011? Many people remember some failed doomsday predictions or prophecies for around that time. Besides the Mayan Calendar end date of 21 December 2012 marked by alignment of the sun with the Galactic equator, U.S. preacher, Harold Camping predicted that the Rapture would take place on May 21, 2011, and the world would end on October 21, 2011. Even though we viewed Harold as crazy after his failed prediction, it is plausible to consider that maybe something apocalyptic really happened in 2011. What if the world did end in 2011, maybe not as described in Harold’s Christian terms but in a different manner and a different world or timeline? This is highly speculative but if the very concept of parallel worlds and multiple timelines is valid then we have to seriously consider the possibility of information being transferred from one world to another. Researcher Andrew Bartzis says that there was a timeline audit in June 2011 where many timelines were compressed into one central timeline.

Considering the reason why a significant percentage of the population would remember episodes of the past differently, one cannot ignore the suspicion that realities or timelines have converged. Is it possible that those people who remember a different past were somehow moved from one parallel reality into another?

Despite the number of people claiming to have encountered Mandela Effect experiences, many questions still remain to be answered. If the Mandela Effect is real, who is causing it? Is this just a natural mechanism of the universe? Is it secret U.S. Government department, hidden elites, CERN, or some scientists using Quantum computers? Could this be a result of humanity’s collective consciousness editing reality probably to remind us that we are the reality creators? Are these reality edits proof that we are avatars whose external consciousness is being projected into a simulated virtual reality experience? Alternatively, could our consciousness have altered or shifted to a level where we now notice discrepancies and changes in reality and timelines? Regardless of the answer, the lesson emerging from these experiences is the lesson that reality is not as rigid and immutable as previously thought.

If you really believe in the ever-normal reality with no strangeness lurking in the corner, that is fine and normal, however, you are probably missing on some exciting drama. NASA Physicist Tom Campbell, who has spent about three decades studying reality, says, “We live in a virtual reality . . . The only thing that is fundamental (real) is consciousness itself; all else is virtual” (Campbell, 2013). Commenting on the uncertainty of reality author Philip K. Dick summed it up by saying, “We are living in a computer programmed reality, the only clue we have to it is when some variable is changed, and some alteration in our reality occurs” (Dick, 1977).

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