Chronicles of weird, unexplained and episodes of high strangeness

08-23-17  - Apocalyptic Dreams

Over the years I have had several apocalyptic dreams, but until last night it had been a while since I had one. I am not sure if last night's dream was really just short or I simply forgot much of it.

I remember being underground. The space wasnt really big like an underground city, but much smaller like train subway station areas. It was as if there has been some kind of massive explosion and people were scattered running for their lives, with some having fallen behind and consumed by the explosion.
When I reached the entry or exit point to the surface, it was clear that going outside to the ground surface was not a viable option. I think the surface was no longer inhabitable, however someone from above dropped a blanket from outside through the entry hole. For some reason when I got the blanket I tried to hide it and place it in a safe place for someone else.

We walked the hallways as I looked for a sleeping place for someone who needed it. The hallways led to some small living spaces like bedrooms. As I reached one living space checking if it was occupied, one guy there suddenly jumped trying to escape..frightened. I stopped him and realized that he was a familiar person I knew. We started talking and I asked him how things were outside and around the world. He said that much of the world was gone and places like Japan had been totally destroyed. The description felt more like an astroid hit or natural disaster than a war.
June 2017 - A woman from a Parallel Dimension

It was around 8.15am and I had just dropped my daughter in school on 135th Street, New York. As I walked down the block justing passing the first school building on that block, my attention was grabbed by a school boy and a women who walked past me in the opposite direction. The were talking in a very animated way as she walked him possibly to drop him in school. I notice her very big low hanging earrings. 

I walked further down and came to the end of the block before crossing a street. As I crossed the street I saw the same women coming from the opposite direction again.
"What, impossible" I thought. It was basically the same woman with the big earrings but this time she was walking alone without the boy.
Practically, there is no way she could have maagically jumped the block back to where she had originally come from....not with the current laws of physics.
Was this a case of two parrallel worlds colliding in one space? A strange quatum jump? A body double...or a twin?