Deep Down The Rabbit Hole:
The World Is Not What You Think
by Adin Kachisi

Acknowledgments.   vii
Introduction. ix

CHAPTER ONE - Reality is it not what you think.     1
Anomalies of Reality. 
ESP (Extrasensory perception) 
Space-Time Anomalies
Quantum Strangeness and the Mandela Effect 
Space-Time Strangeness
Past Lives
Human Recycling
The Rainbow Body Phenomenon
Collective Amnesia

CHAPTER TWO - The Language of Stone: Hidden Technologies.     49
Hidden in Stone
Solar Technology and Machinery

CHAPTER THREE - Ancient Stargates and the Tree Of Life.     69
The Tree of Life: Machine or Metaphor 
Mayan Sacred Tree
Sumerian Tree of Life
Egyptian Tree of Life and the Djed Pillar
Biblical Tree of Life
World Trees
The Tree of Life in Asia
Pacal’s Interdimensional Travel Machine

CHAPTER FOUR - Cosmic Portals and Stargates.     99
Symbols, Structures, and Hidden Technologies 
The Lotus Flower Portal 
Churning the Milky Way
Milky Way Vortexes
Hyperdimensional Geometry
Geographical Influences
Celestial Configurations and Destinations
The Hopi 
Sirius Stars
Finding the Lost Cosmic Tree Device
Tuaoi Stones and the Great Pyramid
Cosmic Tree Instrumentation
Symbols and Secret Codes
Lost Cosmic Keys 
Internal Stargates
Near Death Experiences
The Fractal Tree of Life

CHAPTER FIVE - Aliens and Gods.     233
Mayan God: Quetzalcoatl 
Biblical God: Jehovah
Sumerian Gods: Annunaki 

CHAPTER SIX - UFOs and Modern Gods.    257
Modern Historical Context 
Whistleblowers and Technology
Contacts, Abduction, and Genetic Experiments 

CHAPTER SEVEN - Lost Worlds and Their People.     277
Origin Myths and Lost Ancient People
Shared Blueprints: Architecture. 
Shared Blueprints: Art 
Ancient Global Travel 

CHAPTER 8 - Evolutionary Leap.     321
Life Scripts and Sovereignity

References. 331
Figures. 347

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