Unveiling secrets & breaking codes

What if everything we believe we know about our world’s past has been distorted and corrupted? Would we stand confident, knowing that our very own identities have been tampered with?


An extensively illustrated, thought-provoking blend of forbidden subjects and unexplained world mysteries, Deep Down the Rabbit Hole: Reality is Not What You Think, challenges established beliefs, views, norms and current structures on a journey unveiling the hidden mysteries of mankind: past, present and reality itself. 

The new book is a basket woven in strings of mythology, archaeology, history, art, footprints of conspiracy, philosophic quandary intersecting with modernity, and contemporary science.

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  • Ground breaking research and information 
  • 374 Pages
  • 186 Illustrations and Images

Breaking hidden Codes
Dissecting the Nature of Reality
Extraterrestrial Visitations
Human Batteries
​​Lost Technologies
Time-Space Anomalies
Unveiling the Lost Cosmic Tree device
Stargates & Cosmic Portals
Ancient Secrets
Re-examine all you have been told, dismiss that which insults your soul
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Tree of Life Relic Found

One of the most important mysteries of all time solved. Rediscovered and unveiled: an ancient artifact capable of changing human history, providing limitless free energy, interstellar travel, and physical longevity.
Deciphering cross-cultural myths, symbols and history; and analyzing language to weave ancient stories and art into a matrix of interconnected web pointing to one strange point very relevant to modern life and advanced physics.
 Adin Kachisi is an independent researcher and artist who delves into ancient mysteries as well as the very nature of current reality. ​​
His subjects of interest include unknown and suppressed ancient history, myths, art and symbols, unexplained high strangeness and quantum reality.
He combines fringe research and creative analysis to unveil the mysteries underneath the deceptively mundane events and unexamined cultural assumptions. 
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"For a long time in history, humans have been under the illusion that what they see is absolute consensus reality.  We call it reality simply because it is a shared consensus experience. If the experience is only yours, it can easily be labeled a hallucination or insanity. However, we have to consider the possibility that what we call reality could be a collective hallucination. Bits and fragments of what we call anomalies could, in fact, be our only encounter with true reality. The assumption that what we see or consider real is indisputable objective reality has been slowly eroding with a realization that our minds and beliefs play a whole in constructing our reality."  

- Adin Kachisi

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